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How to improve the energy density of the power battery?

Date:2019-01-21 18:03:46 Hits:3223
From the current point of view, there are limited ways to increase the energy density of power batteries. In addition to the development of new batteries, there are no more ways to increase the weight of the positive active material and reduce the weight of the battery pack. For the former method, battery energy can be directly added, but there are also many problems, such as a decrease in safety and local overheating. Although the effect of the latter method is not so intuitive, it can also achieve the purpose of the first method. Reduce the weight of the accessory but not the strength of the accessory. From the current situation of battery research and development, China's research and application in this area is lagging behind. In the study of materials science, we must admit that there is still a certain gap with foreign countries, especially in basic research and development. In addition, replacing the heavier data with lighter data is generally a problem of rising costs. In the case that the power battery is already very expensive, it is unlikely that the OEM will adopt this method. The rearrangement of the cells is also an effective means of increasing the energy density of the system. For example, through the research and design of the cell size, matching with the vehicle layout, more batteries can be placed more efficiently, so that the volume of the battery box is unchanged, and the number of cells is increased to achieve a longer driving range. In short, increasing the energy density of the battery can be achieved by various methods.


In the period when battery technology is facing bottlenecks, thinking from the lightweight design concept is an important thrust of the electric vehicle technology revolution. Regardless of the type of information that the new battery will be formed in the future, the data that makes up the battery pack can be generally versatile, and may not be profitable in the short term, but in the long run, this basic research will not be futile.