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Battery detection equipment fixture which is good?

Date:2019-01-21 18:40:34 Hits:1543

Where is a good quality, good quality battery test fixture? How to select the battery into a fixture? Yingzhibao, a professional manufacturer of battery test fixtures, recommends the following for you:

1. standardization. The standardization of battery fixtures is conducive to the development of their universalization, the realization of commercial production, the reduction of production costs and the shortening of production preparation cycle.

2. precision, the precision of mechanical products is getting higher and higher, the accuracy of the polymer fixture fixture requirements are also getting higher and higher;

3. efficient, efficient fixture can reduce the workpiece processing time, improve labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of workers;

4. Flexibility. The flexibility of battery fixtures is similar to that of machine tools. Through adjustment, combination and other pipelines, the adaptability of process variables can be improved to better meet the needs of multiple varieties and small and medium-sized batch production in modern mechanical industry.