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Shanghai Battery Show

Date:2019-01-21 19:46:39 Hits:1554

Since I participated in the exhibition in Beijing some time ago, I have always received a lot of email information posters about the new energy exhibition of lithium batteries. For example, “Lithium-famous famous enterprises such as BYD, Lishen, Wanda Electronics, Penghui New Energy, Hengdong, etc., have visited 300 heavyweight tour groups to visit CNIBF Shanghai Battery Exhibition on August 20-22.”

Do you want to participate in one of the three major battery exhibitions in China that will open soon? There is a large hall, the booth is basically full, and the lithium battery equipment factory is mostly exhibited. The e-mail said that the "5th China Battery Technology Innovation (Shanghai) Forum" was held during the same period. The forum was based on the theme of "Technology docking industry, innovation and international integration", and actively discussed the structural adjustment and optimization of the battery industry.