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21st century industrial control equipment maintenance features

Date:2019-01-21 20:04:33 Hits:1475

With the rapid development of computer and numerical control technology, the widespread application of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, the continuous innovation of new ICs, the increasing number of CNC equipments in the enterprise, the new numerical control technology problems are correspondingly added, and the difficulty in repairing CNC equipment is difficult. The quality of technical services can't keep up. The maintenance of circuit boards is the biggest difficulty in the maintenance of most enterprise manufacturing equipment. This is mainly reflected in five points: 1. lack of professional and technical talents, 2. lack of professional technology, and lack of high-grade equipment. 4. Lack of relevant technical information, V. Lack of corresponding spare parts. Therefore, the maintenance of numerical control equipment has become one of the important factors that restrict the continuous development of manufacturing enterprises to complete production tasks.

 We rely on professional maintenance test equipment, advanced maintenance technology and professional high-level maintenance personnel to repair a variety of different types of control circuit boards for many large and medium-sized enterprises. High maintenance efficiency, reliable quality, reasonable cost (equivalent to 10-30% of the cost of purchasing new board), quick repair speed, simple and formal procedures, saving a lot of money for the company, shortening the production cycle and improving work efficiency. It has signed long-term cooperation agreements with a number of large and medium-sized enterprises; it is the designated maintenance point for many large enterprises.


Our technical characteristics:

1. Wafer level no drawing repair circuit board. Not subject to industry restrictions.

2. Using advanced maintenance test instruments, functional tests and comparison tests on integrated circuit components can be performed online, and programmable programming programs can be stored and programmed, including program software for reading, writing, copying, backup, writing, and debugging.

3. There are many types of contact equipment, rich experience, and complete device information.

Therefore, the maintenance of the circuit board is the biggest difficulty in the maintenance of most enterprise manufacturing equipment. We can solve the problem for you. Call our customer technology hotline, we can provide you with professional technical services.