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Environmental protection and energy saving of PCB

Date:2019-01-21 20:12:42 Hits:1492
No matter what industry you are engaged in, environmental protection and energy conservation are required. In the electronic products industry, many manufacturers must treat the waste water to reduce the pollution of industrial waste water to the environment. Electronic products are widely used in our life. In electronic products PCB is very common in many electronic products have its existence. PCB needs to be replaced after a certain period of time. At this time, we do not need to throw away PCB. Many manufacturers will recycle PCB. Below we understand the principle of PCB recycling:

PCB surface is generally coated with a layer of paint protective metal, should be removed before recycling treatment paint. Paint remover has organic paint remover and alkaline paint remover, organic paint remover is toxic, harmful to human body and environment, alkaline paint remover is relatively less toxic. The best formula for paint removal was obtained through experiments: cut PCB pieces were put into 10% sodium hydroxide solution. Add 0.5% auxiliary agent A, 0.5% auxiliary agent B, 0.05% corrosion inhibitor mercapto benzotriazole, heat in the water bath, the surface paint can be completely removed within 30 minutes, can be further exposed to the metal recovery. Alkaline depainting is to separate the paint from the contact with the circuit board. The paint mainly exists in the original structure and can be recycled.

The recycling of PCB emphasizes "environmental protection and energy saving". In addition to the electronic product industry, products of many industries can be recycled, which is also to reduce the amount of raw materials used by manufacturers, not only protecting the environment but also reducing their own costs.