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How to extend the life of lithium battery

Date:2019-01-21 20:19:32 Hits:1573
1, it is not necessary to charge the lithium battery to 100 percent full power, not to use the battery. As far as possible, keep the battery capacity near the half-full state, and the smaller the range of charging and discharging, the better;

2. The factory design of general electric vehicles is to force the battery power to be maintained at 20% to 80%, and the internal timing battery of apple pens may also use this method (including some other pens and electronic products), so that the number of charging and discharging cycles of the battery can be increased.

3, do not lithium battery (especially notebook lithium battery) for a long time in the equipment application of external power supply. Even if your laptop dissipates heat well, 100 percent power over the long term is tantamount to the murder of the lithium battery.

We should reasonably, safely use and protect the lithium battery, let it accompany us for a long time.