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Basic knowledge of PCB

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Basic knowledge of PCB

The creator of printed circuit board is Austrian Paul Eisler. In 1936, he first used printed circuit board in radio. In 1943, most Americans used the technology in military radio. In 1948, the United States officially approved the invention for commercial use. Printed circuit boards have been widely used since the mid-1950s

Printed circuit board is called PCB, PCB, circuit board and so on. It is mainly composed of pad, via, mounting hole, wire, components and so on. There are metal holes and non-metal holes in the through holes, and the metal holes are used to connect the component pins between the layers.

PCB is divided into single panel, double-sided board and multi-layer circuit board,

The multi-layer board can be divided into three layers, four layers and six layers according to the number of layers.

Single panel on the most basic PCB. One side is copper-clad, the other side is circuit board without copper-clad. The circuit is installed on the copper-clad side, and the electronic components are placed on the other side; We call it a single panel. Double sided board is just as the name suggests. When single-sided wiring can not meet the needs of electronic products, double-sided board will be used to conduct two layers of circuit through double-sided copper covered wiring and via holes. Multi board refers to more than three layers of conductive layer and insulating material laminated. In addition to the top and bottom, it also includes the middle layer and internal power supply. Usually, after the finished product is finished, the test will be arranged to check that the circuit can operate normally after the conductor.

The surface of PCB is usually green or blue solder resist paint, which is a protective layer for insulation. It can prevent the wrong soldering of electrical components in the welding process, and also can prevent the oxidation and corrosion of the circuit in the use process. And green ink compared with other colors of ink, has better characteristics.

PCB industry accounts for the largest proportion of output value in the global electronic component industry. With the deepening of R & D and the continuous upgrading of technology, PCB industry is developing towards high precision, high density and high reliability, continuously reducing volume, reducing cost and improving performance. In the future development of electronic equipment, it still maintains strong vitality.